Alexander Hamilton Walking Tour

Enjoy a private full-day “Hamilton-themed” walking tour of Manhattan

6 Hour Alexander Hamilton Walking Tour

Tour Highlights:

Discover Hamilton’s New York, from Downtown Manhattan to his Grange in Harlem, on a private full-day adventure for all ages.

Customized for your group

We can go “light” or “heavy” on the level of historical detail to suit everyone form casual fans to history buffs.  We can also adjust the pace to suit your group’s needs and age range.

Explore Hamilton's Downtown

Explore historic Downtown, rich in colonial, Revolutionary, and early American history, landmarks, and figures. 

  • Visit Trinity Church, where Alexander, Eliza, and Philip Hamilton are buried (we can also take you to the area in Greenwich Village where Hamilton died after the duel, if you request it). 
  • Explore Wall Street and learn about Hamilton’s role in establishing America’s early financial system.
  • Discover important landmarks referenced in the smash-hit musical, from Fraunces Tavern to Bowling Green to the location of the “Room Where It Happens.”

Explore Uptown

Visit Columbia University’s beautiful campus in Morningside Heights (Kings College before the Revolution) and pay homage to Alexander in front of Hamilton Hall.  Then take a short subway ride to Hamilton Heights to learn about the only home he ever owned, The Grange.

Hamilton the Musical

Discover the Public Theater, “Off Broadway”, where the ground-breaking musical first premiered, and learn about Lin Manuel Miranda’s inspiration, creation process, and occasional “liberties” with historical accuracy.  For added convenience, we can end the tour near the Richard Rogers theater in Times Square, if you have tickets to see the show that same day.

Booking Process:

You pick a date and time

Our private tours can be tailored to your schedule, subject to availability (please note: as a boutique tour company, we can only accept a limited number of private tour requests, so the sooner you get in touch with us, the better).

6 Hours

We recommend a 6-hr tour duration to have an immersive “Hamilton” experience in NYC, but if your time is limited, we can also do an abridged version in 4 hours.

Get in touch

Email or call us with your request or questions (see Contact link below).

Receive invoice to finalize booking

Once we’ve agreed on a date, time, duration, and itinerary, we’ll send you an electronic invoice, which, once paid, will secure your tour booking.

Interesting in booking a tour or learning more?

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